The PD782, PD785 and PD702 Hytera radios are affordable, as well as being easy to use and providing high quality audio. This is a good combination when it comes to two-way radios, a technology that, by definition, needs to be durable, easily replaceable and effortlessly useable in case of emergency.

The parent company, Hytera, have been operating since 1993 and in that time they have developed a strong reputation as an industry leader. In short, they are in the process of cultivating a trusted international brand. Hytera are an emerging brand with a considerable track record for producing quality technology at premium prices.

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Come back with me to a point in my life when I still hadn’t gotten my act together…

At age 20, I used to be shaggy haired, absent minded and into rock n roll in a big way (waitaminute – I’m still unkempt haired, absent minded and into rock n roll in a big way…). I was courting a pole dancer, singing within a grotty group and telling anybody who’d pay attention that I wanted to get out of the crappy little town and really make a bit of my life. I assume, in some respects I was a little like George Bailey of Bedford Falls, (if George Bailey was kind of a dick and made a point of saying the ‘F’ word in every 2nd sentence…) Read More →

My Girlfriend and I recently started watching ‘The X-Files’ in the evenings.

It all started when my friend Kieran practically begged me to borrow his series 1 box set. He went on and on about it until I eventually acquiesced. When I was little, I was somewhat impressionable and easily upset by TV, so I only saw a handful of first-run X-Files episodes. I remember one where a guy had to eat people’s brains in order to survive, another that featured Golden Age Hollywood ghosts haunting an old film set and a bizarre black and white episode about a deformed character who was in love with Cher.  Read More →