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Editorial – This Reuters news story is a saying that the next asus nexus 7 will be with us and in the stores in July. The first nexus 7 was released June last year so it would seem logical that the next initiation will be about the similar time of year. The main talking point is the alteration from a tegra 3 processor to a less energy consuming Qualcomm chip. This is unofficial and we will have to hang on and understand what the specifications will look like but we are very excited about it. Read More →


Mobile solutions, as it is now named now have released the RhoConnect Operating system that links the lot to each other, it seems to be the way ahead for many companies lately with all gadgets connecting to one another, but to not other brand names. If this kind of technology is brought to radios, then it’s going to be a great turning point for the industry.


SCHAUMBURG, Ill. – Feb. 26, 2013 – Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI) today announced that Johnson Controls, a global leader in delivering solutions that increase energy efficiency in buildings, is using Motorola’s award-winning RhoMobile Suite to create a highly flexible, mobile work environment and make cross-platform application development easier. 

The RhoMobile Suite is the only true HTML 5 cross-platform development framework on the market that brings together a consumer-style application experience with an enterprise-grade feature set. You get the freedom to choose the device that will best serve each job or even bring your own, since one application version runs on many operating systems (OS) and types of devices. By leveraging RhoConnect and RhoElements, part of the RhoMobile Suite, Johnson Controls enables its field service workers to use its mobile applications anywhere, anytime.

As new OS versions become relevant for their various applications, Johnson Controls will be able to quickly add support for a new OS or device without having to change the underlying business logic. 

Johnson Controls has one of the largest technical service organizations in North America. Its workforce is trained and equipped to deliver increased energy efficiency, lower operating costs and provide improved operations in buildings. The new mobility enhancements will improve the customer experience by streamlining the flow of information delivered to technicians, such as service history and asset information. The portable, connected devices provide technicians with an advantage by giving them access to a growing list of applications, such as technical documentation and Global Positioning System (GPS) route optimization apps. 

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Before we go any further, let us refine our classification of TV. If, by TV, you indicate frequently scheduled programming like The Newscast, Soap Operas and Reality Shows, then perchance Internet TV represents a real risk to it, (or maybe not). If we imply the Television as supply of enjoyment, then the solution turns into an emphatic ‘no’.


Current Television can be recorded and played back on the whim of a viewer, when played back it may be paused, fast-forwarded and perhaps slow-mo’d in some cases. That is just not conventional Television. So once we talk about ‘habitual TV’, we’ve to think that we may, in fact, be coping with something that has already started evolving into something else. Read More →

Editors note – The massive expense of a two way radio system for many companies and ahead of this massive step, we recommend reading at this piece. Below is an article created from the icom team, it highlights the items to look and prepare for when you are buying a radio system.


You have been given the responsibility for buying two way business radios. You have looked at the market place and see a multitude of manufacturers and two way radio solutions and are even more confused than when you started. You now find yourself asking a huge range of questions from how do you even start looking, how do you stay on budget, and what do you even look for? Read More →

I’m embarrassed to confess this, but my first thought upon seeing this title was ‘what is an HD DVD?’ This means at least two things:


1)         That HD DVD was never that successful.

2)         That I’m some an idiot.


Well, for the uninitiated (such as myself) a quick search to Wikipedia, reveals that


“HD DVD (short for High-Definition/Density DVD) is a discontinued high-density optical disc format for storing data and high-definition video. Supported principally by Toshiba, HD DVD was envisioned to be the successor to the standard DVD format. In February 2008, after a protracted format war with rival Blu-ray Disc, Toshiba abandoned the format, announcing it no longer developed or manufactured HD DVD players or drives”. Read More →

Remember while science fiction authors theorized that a super computer would be entire-room, or maybe house sized? No, me neither, but I’m informed they did.


The point is that giant things tend to come in miniature parcels, and none more so than the latest iphone headphones. These little beauties can carry roughly as much sound detail like a much bigger system, but at something like one-fiftieth the size. Now that’s development! Read More →

Update – The kindle has taken a number of different shapes over the past couple of years, starting as being a simple ereader and evolving to the full colour 7″ tablet and including a 9″ pc tablet, but where is it going subsequently, well if this news story is being trusted, they are scheduling a attack around the smartphone market. It is obvious since all of the other alike companies do precisely the same thing. We’ll see what occurs over the next few months? Read More →

As standard, I’ll start out simple: the Paperwhite beats the Kindle.


When we think about the Kindle family, what we are dealing with is really a series of tablets that continues to grow and evolve in order to suit the needs of its customers. First, there was the Kindle and its successors, then the Kindle Fire built upon that idea as a simple to work with, Online-ready portable gadget. The Kindle Fire is an all-purpose life-style peripheral that encompasses The web, cultural output, social media plus much more and is arguably the best such device in its price range. Read More →

With most of the next generation consoles either being announced (WiiU) or planning to be released in the following year (PlayStation 4 & next gen Xbox). But with the appearance of mobile and pc tablet gaming, the consoles have more competition than ever before, and leading this charge is the crowd funded Android Ouya console. The unit attracted $8m (£5.3m) when it started in July 2012 and in 30 days gathering 900% above the projected objective, from 63,416 backers. Read More →