Lately, it seems all and sundry strolling on the streets listening to music on their headphones, what sound? We do not get. We think we realize. Is the punk rocker at the rear of the bus secretly rocking to Britney Spears? Or may be the tracksuit-bottomed, highlight-headed young woman watching for her friends, actually moshing out with Black Flag? The pinstripe power suit in the coach might be a huge Public Enemy enthusiast or the local ASBO could be a jazz fan with a fondness for Coltrane’s sax playing. Read More →

A new modem is being planned expressly for use in Africa.

Launched at this week’s TEDGlobal Expo in Edinburgh, the modem is predicted to permit a far better amount of Internet connectivity across the continent.

The device, which has been officially called BRCK, will accomplish its targets by switching among Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G and normal broadband.

BRCK has been developed by Kenyan firm Ushahidi (which translates from Swahili as ‘testimony’). Ushahidi supply open-source software which is used all through a variety of African nations, also as Japan and South America, among the rest. Read More →

To put it very easily, your earphone includes a piece of plastic that moves in accordance to those frequencies received from the player it’s attached to. The plastic moves straight to the metal curl that’s attached to the magnet, that helps the plastic to create the sound waves that pass into your ear.

That’s it, actually. It appears easy enough, but I could not have considered it.

Jezen Thomas at delivers a added thorough explanation to us, he says this, Read More →

Pc tablets tend to be immense teaching equipment, as I’ve discussed at great length in supplementary online content. So, having recognized that, what apps are the best for teaching the basic topics and inspiring literacy and numeracy in little ones?

Available for £1.99 is ‘Herd Absurd’, and that is an application that mixes and matches characters and their attributes, of this application, stated,

“Herd Absurd! is a characterful take on those children’s books where you flip sections of the page to put different heads, bodies and legs of characters together. Here, it’s animals that your kids will be mixing and matching, with suitably cheeky animations making them smile along the way”. Read More →

Editorial – While using accomplishment of the Nexus 7, the Google nexus 10 was not available inside the google play shop for weeks. On offer on the 13th of November 2012, and released a month subsequent to the Microsoft surface it is reported through the article below the surface has outsold the nexus 10, no set figures are announced however the facts shows a remarkable trend.


Benedict Evans’ look at the Nexus 10 sales number makes for interesting reading but his kicker at the end, that the Microsoft Surface devices were outselling the Nexus 10′s, caught my eye. When you look at the numbers, it tells an interesting story on Microsoft’s future in the tablet/laptop space. Read More →

This month saw the fortieth anniversary of a first ever cell phone telephone call.

On Wednesday 5th April 1973, in New York City, Motorola employee Martin Cooper prepared a phone call using the DynaTAC, a 9-Inch prototype telephone that he had created.

The DynaTAC took a whopping ten hours to completely charge, however it had a chat time of merely thirty five minutes.

Cooper’s telephone call was sent to a rival AT&T member of staff; he educated his rival that he was talking from the world’s first cellular phone. He is then reported to have told the man, “I’m ringing you simply to see if my call appears good at your end.” Read More →

Id Application founder John Carmack has recommended that, within the not-too-remote future, our individual computers will be built-in into our smartphones. With TV plus a multitude of other devices now incorporating more and more elements of computers (and seemingly all supporting Internet access), it is not impossible to envisage a future where the desktop PC evaporates totally from our life, but only after depositing itself in each other home device. Read More →

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Editors note – Many of us love the amazon kindle fire hd, what an excellent tablet, with the big rise in 7 inch tablet pc’s the amazon kindle fire hd hit the ground running, now though to contend with the nexus 10 and also the ipad, plus copious other 10 inch tablet pc’s Amazon have produced the kindle fires slightly larger brother a 8.9 inch or we will describe it as a 9 inch pc tablet. this site has one of the initial evaluations of the pc tablet and you may read it below in its bursting glory. Read More →

Japanese technology giants Sony have unveiled the 4th instalment of the enormously popular Playstation series.

The games console, which was officially revealed at this year’s E3 Trade event in Los Angeles, California, have been ardently anticipated.

Though several of the console’s textures and updates were unveiled in February, Sony had kept potential consumers guessing on some crucial facts, including the general design of the PS4. Read More →

Editors note – If you have ever been to a football, hockey or some other sporting occasion you will unavoidably noticed a lot of the guards and security walking around with two way radios and headsets. This can be a multifaceted scheme of radio channels that ultimately lead up to the main management room. In times of tragedy a direct channel could be made to alert the necessary authorities. This really is all going on whilst the entertainment is going on. Read More →

This is a really good question. We have to confess that I carry neither a smart phone, nor a tablet pc with me when I go out. It’s because, until lately, I lived in quite a violent area where muggings were usual. In fact, I would also leave my iPod and wallet in my home normally as well.


Anyway, nowadays, in my new house, I in all probability could walk down the streets having a pc tablet under my arm and then the worst I’d get would be verbal insults for not having the latest iPad. I can hear it now: Read More →

Editors Note – All two way radio users would like their headphone to be moulded to the ear, perfect sound, seamlessly fixed to the ear. This comes at a price and is often saved for musicians and superstars. This post previews a US service for moulded earplugs to suit two way radio earpieces, noise reducing earphones or audio feeds. If you’re considering custom ear moulds there are many organisations available, which will create a mould of your ear and return it to you fix on to your device which are required it for. Read More →

However , there is no reason why not. The main elements of your ears are, essentially, removed from the hearing procedure when  ‘Bonephones’.

A skeleton earpiece is a transportable speaker system made to bypass several sensitive portions of your ear to be able to decrease the danger of hearing loss. Based on current reports, any sound over a hundred decibels can cause hearing troubles like tinnitus and temporary deafness, even resulting in lasting damage. Your standard iPod can achieve sounds as extreme as 115 decibels in the United states, but here inside the United kingdom, special software restricts most gadgets to approximately 100db. Read More →

Editors note – Huawei Applied sciences have used the brand new 4G technologies rising world wide and applied it to railway communications. They’ve identified that 4G technology can aid and make better comms in an important industry, sending both data and voice at the rate of telecoms, read the full article post of how they are going about this below.


Huawei Technologies have used the new 4G technologies emerging around the world and applied it to railway communications. They have identified that 4G technology can assist and improve communications in a vital industry, sending both data and voice at the speed of telecommunications, read the full article of how they are going about this below Read More →

By and large, I’d say the impact of eReaders such as Amazon Kindle Fire HD are minimal in the beginning, but that it could turn into more significant in the future.

Over the short term, the rise of eReaders can potentially enhance a library’s lending capability a thousandfold.

Once you’ll permit me to use an example from my very own life, my girlfriend and I a short time ago talked about buying a pet tortoise. Then again, we did not wish to go in unprepared, so we attended our local library in search of a book that would outline exactly what care a tortoise requires (and what it’d cost to provide said care). Sadly, the library did not possess the book we required. We ordered it from a different branch, but five tortoise-free weeks afterward, we are still waiting. Read More →

Update –  The release of windows 8 was intended to be the significant moment for Microsoft to gain ground back from Apple and contend with google’s android os, but various weeks on we are yet to find many models and makers taking the Platform and using it on their crop of phones and tablet pc’s. This informative article in the verge, explains some of the possible reasons why this famous OS hasn’t been able to move to the mobile market like all expected. Read More →

Editorial – Currently its very usual for any sole person to work independently and have a walkie talkie with them, be it an office, factory or recreational area. The lone-worker choice on most 2 way radios are vital for this precise scenario. It can actually mean life or death for that worker, functioning on their own, in a risky or life threatening circumstances.


Every employer has a duty of care under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all its employees in the workplace and equally that persons not in their employment are “not exposed to risks to their health and safety so far as is reasonably practicable” – with the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act introduced in 2007, the implications for enterprises in the public and private sectors of not taking lone worker protection seriously have escalated. Read More →

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