With most of the next generation consoles either being announced (WiiU) or planning to be released in the following year (PlayStation 4 & next gen Xbox). But with the appearance of mobile and pc tablet gaming, the consoles have more competition than ever before, and leading this charge is the crowd funded Android Ouya console. The unit attracted $8m (£5.3m) when it started in July 2012 and in 30 days gathering 900% above the projected objective, from 63,416 backers.


The system offers all of the games that the android Operating system gives, they mainly offer low-priced, bite size games that slot in the smart phone market. So for Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft it should be offering gaming in a new marketplace, but possibly taking that value away from playing games and consoles. But there is a common rise in indie start-ups, that Sony has picked up upon unlike Nintendo and Microsoft that do not offer the same. These Indie designers are likely to show more of an interest in the console. With conventional gaming costing between £30-40, the android games are significantly less costly and at times at no cost.


gaming analyst Piers Harding-Rolls, from IHS says


“The space of TV gaming is getting to that point where it’s the one area that hasn’t been significantly disrupted,” adding “It will get the existing console companies to be more aggressive in their business models, opening up their distribution channels.”.


The Onya would be the first console of its kind, but it isn’t an exclusive product, it could and will, be recreated many times over by any company, with very similar initiatives already in the pipeline for example UK company Gamestick, Nvidia’s Project Shield along with the greatly anticipated Steam box, coming later in the year/


The console is on sale now for $99 (£65) and the first pre orders are being dispatched now, expect to see more about this within the months to come.


Original Source – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-21954641


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